Pilgrim Music CD


So, dear friends, I found the password to my blog site and can finally write here again 😉

When I am on the road doing my Irish Evenings with songs, stories and reading from my book, people quite often ask me if I have a CD of my songs. Well

now I have! I have finally made a little EP of four songs to test the waters before maybe doing a full album.

The songs are in English, but I have English and German translation on the inlay inside the CD. The music and lyrics are all my own – just me and my acoustic guitar. Songs about love, life, faith, social justice… and domestic violence. Take a listen to this one below – dedicated to all sufferers of domestic abuse. It’s called ‘Taste of Home’

The EP costs 5 €. Let me know if you want one – I can even send you a signed copy 🙂

Behalte es nicht für dich...
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